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2009 Dissertation Fellowship Awards

Edward Glazer of Michigan State University (proposed title: The Social Norms Approach and Peer Referent Groups Online and Off: Drinking Moderation, Involvement, and Reactants") and Joel Grossbard of the University of Washington (proposed title: "Conform to the Norm? Normative Misperceptions of Drinking, Substance Use, and Body Image Among College Students Over Time") were selected for their potential to contribute to the understanding of the theory, practice, and evaluation of the social norms approach.

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Research Publications

The large and growing number of research publications regarding the social norms approach to health promotion can be viewed as falling into a number of key topical areas:

  • Background Research and Theory
  • Studies Documenting Misperceptions
  • Studies Documenting that Misperceptions Correlate with Behavior, and
  • Case Studies: The Positive Effect of Reducing Misperceptions

In addition, there are a number of other topics and issues that are of continuing interest to researchers and to professionals in the field of health promotion who are using the social approach. They include:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and Breathalyzer Studies
  • Fear Appeals (i.e., Scare Tactics)
  • Focus Groups
  • High Schools
  • Recent Articles
  • Self-Report Data

Complete citations for relevant books, articles, book chapters, and case studies concerning these topics can be accessed by selecting the links in the navigation panel to the left of this page.